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Shenzhen TCS molding technology Co., LTD is mainly engaged in rapid prototyping of new products: CNC prototype manufacturing , laser rapid prototyping, the research and development of silicon rapid tooling technology and the processing services.

Since built in 2006, TCS has been aiming at "Technical innovation, quality first, service first".With the purpose of sincere cooperation and common development, TCS is providing  good services and prototypes in top quality for customers all over the word . TCS has obtained the high praise and established good cooperation relationship with them.

The hand model, handicraft and sculpture of the difference?
The hand model, handicraf
The board introduces the hand model and crafts, sculpture difference, many hand factory contains cra
Hand factory is how to make the model board? [2017-08-16]
Aluminum alloy hand plate in processing what [2017-08-16]
What are the processes of hand model processi [2017-08-16]
Aluminum alloy hand oxidation, what should pa [2017-08-16]
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Shenzhen TCS molding technology Co., Ltd.
Address :3 Floor ,No.21 , Xinfa east road,
Shajing Town ,Shenzhen Ciyt,China

Tel: (86) 0755-27248586          
 (Post code):518125          

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